Basin & Sink Tap Repair Parts

A tap has many parts! Most people don’t appreciate just how many components are required for water to run freely into their sink, dishwasher, washing machine, or garden hose.


So when something goes wrong, what tap parts do you require? Here, we introduce you to all the working parts of a tap. Whether it’s a standard basin tap, a white goods tap or an outdoor garden tap, our clear illustrations show every component and its position. We also provide links to the relevant tap repair parts.

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Basin & Sink Tap Repair Parts

Basin & Sink Tap Parts

There are seven components to the common sink or basin tap. This illustration is for a hot or cold water tap, not a mixer.

Photographic illustration of the seven basin and sink tap parts and where they are located.

  1. Tap Button Spanner
  2. Tap Button Screw in or Tap Button Indicators
  3. Tap Flange, also known as a Tap Bonnet
  4. O-Ring No.8.5
  5. Body Washer 13mm
  6. 13mm (1/2″) Tap Valve
  7. Tap Reseater Tool or Screw In Tap Seats

Washing machine tap parts

Washing machine taps typically come with hot and cold water supply line connections so that users can adjust the water temperature.

A photographic illustration of all the parts of a washing machine tap.

  1. Tap Button Spanner
  2. Tap Button Screw in or Tap Button Indicators
  3. O-Ring No.8.5
  4. Body Washer 13mm
  5. 13mm (1/2″) Tap Valve
  6. Threadseal Tape
  7. Filter Washer
  8. Hammer Relief Valve
  9. Washing Machine Hose

Spout Parts

Spouts come in various shapes and sizes to fit different-sized or shaped sinks and baths.

A photographic illustration of the parts of a water spout.

  1. Spout Aerator Adapter
  2. Water Saving Disc
  3. Spout Aerator
  4. Spout Adaptor for Snap On Fitting
  5. Spout Adaptor to suit Washing Machine Hose connections
  6. Spout Adaptor for Shower Hose Fitting
  7. Spout O-Ring Kit
  8. Handle & Spout Repair Kit
  9. Spout Washer

Garden tap parts

Garden tap parts typically consist of a faucet or spigot connected to a water supply line. They typically feature a handle or knob to turn the water on and off and may include a nozzle for attaching the hose.

A photographic illustration of the parts of a garden tap.

  1. O-Ring No.8.5
  2. Body Washer
  3. Tap Valve
  4. Threadseal Tape
  5. Nut & Tail Washer 13mm & 15mm
  6. Vacuum Breaker
  7. Tap Adaptor
  8. O-Ring No.9

Tap ‘N’ Snap Garden Taps are also available, including a full garden tap with built-in hose adaptor.

Mini tap parts

Also known as a miniature faucet or spigot, a mini cistern stop, or a mini cistern cock, a mini tap is ideal for specialised applications and areas that are tight on space (such as a bathroom or powder room, underneath sinks and basins, or beside toilets.

A photographic illustration of the various parts of a typical mini tap.

  1. Mini Tap Complete
  2. O’Ring No.8
  3. Body Washer 10mm
  4. Valve 10mm Delaware
  5. Water Connector
  6. Threadseal Tape
  7. Wall Cover Plate

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