How To Fix Noisy Pipes

As the name rightly suggests, there is nothing subtle about water hammer. A rapid beating or banging sound that comes from pipes, this noise is caused by a pressure surge.


Here, we look at how to fix water hammer pipes in Australia, providing you with a solution and the best products for the job. So, if you want to stop noisy taps, read on!

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How to Fix Water Hammer

Various scenarios can cause water hammer:

  • Shutting off a valve quickly and creating a sudden change in waterflow.
  • Excessive water pressure in the system.
  • Longer than standard water pipes (gives water more length to gather momentum).
  • Loosely secured water pipes that are therefore prone to rattling or vibrating.
  • Air pockets that collapse suddenly, creating a vacuum-like effect.
  • Water tap valves not closing properly.

The good news is that fixing water hammer is fairly straightforward. The most effective way is to install water hammer arrestors.

  1. Most Common Symptom
    Water pipes make a banging noise when taps are turned on.
  2. Problem
    Excessive water pressure causes loose pipes to bang against wall studs.
  3. Solution
    Install Anti-Hammer tap valve or Hammer Relief valve.
  4. Product
    FIX-A-TAP® anti-hammer tap valve or Hammer relief valve.
    Product packaging includes instructions for anti-hammer tap valves and instructions for hammer relief valves on how to stop noisy taps.

Why FIX-A-TAP® For Water Hammer Repairs

A family-owned Australian business for more than 50 years, there is nothing FIX-A-TAP doesn’t know about plumbing products. We’re proud to have a reputation for designing, manufacturing and distributing some of the most innovative plumbing products on the market, including everything you need to fix water hammer.


Anti-Hammer Valves

  • Reduces water hammer.
  • Includes Delaware® heavy duty long life washer, suits all indoor taps.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Suits hot and cold water.


Hammer Relief Valves

  • Suits hot and cold water.
  • Silences pipe shudder for washing machine and dishwasher taps.

Don’t put up with that shocking noise – get a water hammer fix fast with us.


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