How To Disassemble and Reassemble a Tap

Taking a tap apart is something you may need to do for various reasons. In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, we show you how to dismantle a tap and how to reassemble it when you’re done.

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How to Disassemble & Reassemble a Tap

Knowing how to take a tap apart involves planning and care. But first, why would you need to do this job in the first place?

  • Maintenance
    Ensuring the tap is in tip-top working condition will help prevent leaks and maximise its longevity. By dismantling it, you can better access the various parts for cleaning, lubricating and replacing.
  • Repair
    Any tap repair work will invariably require you to take the piece apart and identify the faulty components. Remember, you can find all the tap spare parts you need right here on FIX-A-TAP.
  • Adjustments
    Is the water flow not quite right? Is the temperature a little out of whack? Making slight internal adjustments could return the tap to its proper working order.

A photo diagram of the key parts of a water tap, including the flange, tap bonnet, o-ring, spindle and more

How to Disassemble a Tap

To start, ensure water is turned off and your tools are laid out in an orderly manner. It could help to take photos as you go so you know exactly what goes where (although hopefully, our diagram above detailing tap parts is helpful). If tap lubricant is required, be sure to use a quality brand such as FIX-A-TAP. Finally, always be gentle with the components. You’ll have this pulled apart in no time!

  1. Turn tap on to remove excess water
  2. Unscrew tap button or grub screws and remove handle
  3. Unscrew and remove the flange
  4. Unscrew tap bonnet and spindle assembly with the aid of a tap spanner

How to Put a Tap Back Together

You want to take care when putting your tap back together. Ensure you securely fix everything back in place, but err on the side of caution. You don’t want to apply so much pressure that you break any of the components. We suggested taking a photo so you remember what goes where when you’re reassembling. Now is the time to reverse engineer and follow the photo backwards. Alternatively, if it gets too complicated, use our online Plumbers Directory to locate a plumber near you!

  1. Locate new FIX-A-TAP tap valve, body washer and o-ring.
  2. Lubricate o-ring, tap bonnet and spindle assembly.
  3. Re-assemble tap bonnet, flange and handle.
  4. With tap turned off, turn on the mains water supply.

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