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Water Saving Range

Water Saving Range

Spout Fittings

We have a variety of aerators and spout adaptors designed to reduce water flow from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry taps.

Our spout fittings range includes WELS rated aerators, Swivel Aerators featuring a tilt-able panel to control your water angle, and our spout fittings that connect hand showers and male to male adaptors to fit aerators.

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  1. WELS rated aerators

Cistern Outlet Valves

Our cistern outlet valves suit many cistern brands including Caroma, Fowler, Mondella, Stylus, Imperial Ware, Geberit, Estilo, Imperial, Raymor, Kohler, Porcher, Donson, Irwell and many more. Our flush valves are all watermarked to Australian standards and come with an extended warranty.

Installing a new outlet valve can help reduce water flow by upgrading an older single flush toilet to dual flush – some models can also be fine-tuned so that you can have only as much water as you deem necessary.

Outlet valves can also help fix a leaking toilet – a major cause of wasted water.

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  1. Cisterns

Toilet Cisterns

Update your bathroom with a new cistern. Easily convert your existing toilet to feature a smart cistern with our brand new Hygenix cistern sensor toilet, featuring a sensor activated dual flush.  Smart toilets are the future of hygienic bathrooms. No touch required means less germs transmitted and a cleaner, safer home for your family! Refresh your bathroom with our MillenniumTrafalgar or Fairmont cisterns and get rid of your old, leaking cistern.  All of our cisterns are lightweight and easy to install, and are WELS rated, saving you water every time you flush.

Cistern Inlet Valve

Do you have a slow filling toilet? Perhaps you have a noisy toilet or a constantly running toilet? Save water with our range of cistern inlet valves are suitable for both bottom entry and side entry cisterns. They are easy to install and suits most brands of toilets including Caroma, Geberit, Ideal Standard, Porcher, Roca, Gemini, Johnson Suisse, Estilo, Stylus, Mondella and many more.

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  1. Inlet Valves


Shower Fittings

Our shower fittings range includes washers, water saving discs, new shower heads and shower kits, along with various accessories suitable for most shower tapware brands including: Dorf, Caroma, Stylus, Flexispray, Methven, Brasshards and many others. Install a water saving disc or upgrade your shower head today to save on water.

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  1. water saving discs


Showers & Shower Kits

Meet our eco-friendly shower range! Neoma, Ayla, and Elio Hand Showers all come with a 3-star WELS rating and an 8.5LPM flow rate. Our Ravi Shower Hand Piece also comes with a WELS rating of 3 stars and an impressive 8.0 litres per minute flow rate. If you’re looking for top-tier water efficiency, our Palermo Hand Shower leads the way with a 4-star WELS rating and a flow rate of just 6.5 litres per minute.

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  1. Showers & Shower Kits


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