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If you’re after tap repair parts that you can’t find in our main tap part categories, we’re sure you’ll get hold of them here. These are the essential odds and ends required for many a plumbing job.


Find fibre washers, anti-vandal tap keys, tap buttons and tap lubricant.  We also have tap reseating kits, water hammer valves, backflow prevention valves and water saving discs.

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Backflow Prevention Valve (2)
Lubricant (1)
Spindle Extender (1)
Tap Button (3)
Tap Handle & Spout Repair (1)
Tap Key (2)
Tap Reseating Kit (4)
Thermal Barrier Kit (1)
Washer - Assorted (1)
Washer - Body (5)
Washer - Vanity Basin (1)
Water Saving Disc (2)
simple (1)
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4 (4)
8 (2)
10 (2)
26 (1)
50 (2)
10ml (1)
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15mm (1)
19mm (2)
19mm x 10mm (1)
19mm x 5mm (1)
40ml (1)
Assorted (1)
Repair a tap with our range of parts

Explore a wide range of essential accessories and parts for your plumbing needs at FIX-A-TAP.

From fibre body washers to handle and spout repair kits, our collection includes versatile components designed to address your plumbing issues. No matter your specific repair, or maintenance requirements, we’ll have the plumbing products you need.

Discover water-saving discs, vandal proof tap keys, thermal barrier kits, spindle extenders, hammer relief valves, and vacuum breakers.  Need some tap lubricant? We have that too, in multiple sizes. Shop now and find the perfect parts to keep your plumbing in top shape.

Need help repairing and maintaining existing plumbing fixtures?
We have some great DIY resources and answer plenty of questions in our general FAQs. You might also want to refer to our terrific resource on how to fix tap problems.


Browse our HOW TO FIX resource, searching for the guides to fix a tap, fix a toilet, fix a shower, Q&As and more.

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