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In 1989 with a new range of products available, Ken Robertson launched the well-known FIX-A brands, focusing on how to fix a tap, and how to fix a toilet. When it came to products which were not tap or toilet related, Ken drew on his love of American cities and introduced the name BOSTON to cover products which were not easily categorised.

Today these brands are known for their famous coloured packaging. It may have changed over the years, but our green and gold colouring has always stood firm in the memories of our consumers.

The FIX-A-TAP range covers indoor and outdoor plumbing needs, catering to kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and gardens. With a specialty in everything tap, from tap valves, washers, and cartridges, to tap fittings and spindles, we supply reliable parts for fixing mixers, 360 turn and quarter turn taps across Australia. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means FIX-A-TAP provides households with easy-to-install, high-quality solutions for all tap repair and replacement needs.

The FIX-A-LOO range is a reliable solution for toilet repair and replacement parts. Our extensive collection includes cistern valves, washers, and an assortment of essential accessories, along with an array of high-quality toilet seats and cisterns. Whether you’re dealing with an outdated toilet seat, inlet or flushing issues, FIX-A-LOO provides the ideal repair parts and renovation accessories to restore functionality and style to any bathroom.

FIX-A-SHOWER, a new brand in shower repair products, offers a wide variety of high-quality shower kits, hand showers, and flexible hoses. Whether you’re searching for a solution to a leaky shower or looking to update a bathroom, FIX-A-SHOWER provides a diverse selection of suitable products. With competitive prices and a commitment to outstanding quality, FIX-A-SHOWER is the go-to source for all shower repair and replacement needs.

BOSTON is a renowned brand in the home appliances sector, offering a wide range of washing machine and dishwasher hoses and fittings, PVC tubing, stainless steel water connectors, hose clamps, thread sealant, plugs, and drain cleaners. Our patented Flood Guard and Burst Alert hoses are designed to safeguard your home from devastating water damage caused by burst hoses. With BOSTON, you’re investing in premium home appliance solutions that combine durability and innovative design.

Our Packaging

Celebrating over half a century in our industry, FIX-A-TAP’s iconic green and gold packaging has become a familiar sight in toolboxes and hardware stores across the nation. As a trusted Australian brand, we have supplied spare parts to three generations of handymen and tradies, establishing ourselves in the plumbing industry.

In our early days, the vibrant FIX-A-TAP yellow dominated product displays, making us a standout presence in local store.



Now, having matured and refined our identity, we’ve transitioned into our modern packaging era. Remaining proudly Australian-owned and operated, we stand by the side of Australia’s fixers. When you step into a hardware store today, our refreshed green and gold design is there to greet you, although you might still encounter a few products from our earlier branding phases.


Take a moment to admire our latest design evolution below!



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