Taps & Tap Spare Parts

Need to fix a leaking mixer tap with a mixer cartridge? Fix a leaking indoor tap with a new tap spindle or tap valve? Replace an o-ring or other garden tap parts? Our terrific range of high-quality tap spare parts will get the job done easily and reliably.


Don’t feel like a repair? We also sell a range of mixer taps and garden taps.


Our tap and mixer spare parts will get your plumbing problems fixed in no time.

Home Taps & Tap Spare Parts
Indoor Taps

Discover sleek and modern indoor mixer taps for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. We also stock anti-vandal taps for commercial use, mini taps and two-way switch cocks.

Garden Taps

Our range includes garden taps with standard spouts, Tap N Snap taps with built-in hose adaptors and quarter turn taps. We also stock an anti-vandal tap and kero tap.

Tap Valves, Washers & Repair Kits

We have a variety of tap valves suited towards every situation including the Soft Turn, Delaware, Sealtite, Duro, Dexine, Leaklock, Premium Nylon and Nylon tap valves. We also offer separate tap washers (commonly used in NZ).

Mixer Tap Cartridges & Replacement Parts

When mixer cartridges break down, it can cause issues including dripping taps. Explore our range of cartridges, including flat and raised styles in varying sizes.


Explore our diverse selection of O-rings, offering solutions for various applications including tap repairs, garden products, plumbing and irrigation.

Tap Spindles

Need to replace a spindle? No matter whether it's for a wall or basin, ceramic or using a tap valve, we have a spindle for you.

Tap Aerators

Check out our wide range of tap aerators and spout adaptors, including varying flow rates, swivel aerators and useful spout fittings.

Other Tap Repair Parts

Need tap repair parts? We have washers, spindles, tap seats, water saving discs, spindle extenders and more.

Need a new tap?

Need a new garden tap, mixer tap, tap cartridge, tap aerator or tap o-ring? You’re in the right location. We have a huge range of garden and outdoor taps, tap spindles and other tap spare parts.

Professional plumbers know they can rely on Australian-owned FIX-A-TAP products for innovative tap spares that solve plumbing problems and remain in great condition for years to come.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to perform basic maintenance on your home taps. Check your state laws before commencing any work, and always remember to turn off water at the mains. For more detailed information on how to fix a leaking tap, head over to our How To Fix Taps section. This page can help you to troubleshoot any problems you might encounter on your DIY adventures.


Browse our HOW TO FIX resource, searching for the guides to fix a tap, fix a toilet, fix a shower, Q&As and more.

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Tap valves, washers, cartridges, tap fittings & more.

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