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Fix-A-Tap is Australia's No. 1 Plumbing Suppliers for Replacements Parts, Fittings & Tools for Taps, Shower, Toilets and White Goods.

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Soft Turn Tap Valve

Fix-A-Tap ® Tap Valve, Washers, Cartridges, Tap Fittings & everything tap

FIX-A-TAP ® offers a comprehensive range of water saving repair and refurbishment products including tap valves, body washers, o’rings, sealing washers, showers washers, spout aerators, repairs kits, tools and lubricants, washing machine and dishwasher hoses. Our diverse range and expert product knowledge makes finding the perfect FIX-A-TAP ® product for your tap issue EASY!

Delaware Tap Valve Tap N' Snap Tap Reseater Aerator 6LPM Waterproof Lubricant
Fairmont Cistern

Fix-A-Loo ® Cistern Fittings, Valves, Cistern Repair Kits, Drain Cleaning & tools

When it comes to leaky loos, FIX-A-LOO ® has the answers to solve your cistern repair and refurbishment problems. We supply a comprehensive range of cistern washers and seals, cistern inlet and outlet valves, repair kits and tools, cistern buttons, cisterns, toilet seats, cistern pan flushing screws, flush pipes and rubber cones. Our products can even assist fixing cisterns dating back over 30 years!

Hush Flush Inlet Valve Duro Outlet Valve Econofit Toilet Seat Flush Cone Pump
Washing Machine Hose

BOSTON ® Washing Machine & Dishwasher Fittings, Connectors, Hoses & more

Our BOSTON ® range incorporates an extensive assortment of washing machine and dishwasher hoses and fittings, PVC tubing, stainless steel water connectors, hose clamps, thread sealant, plugs and drain cleaners. Our unique range of washing machine hoses include the patented Flood Guard and Burst Alert hoses, designed to protect your home from flooding and water damage from burst hoses.

Burst Alert Hose Ultra Grip Plug Threadseal Tape Sink basket Waste Mixer Hose Extension
Shower Hose S/S 2m

LINDONI ® Bathroom Accessories, Shower Kits & Mixer Taps

Our Lindoni ® range is all about the finishing touches for bathrooms. With a complete range of shower kits and shower accessories – what more could you need - unless of course it’s our award winning range of scald guard mixer taps designed to protect your family from burns and scalds in the home.

Palermo Shower Kit Chr Scald Guard Sink Mixer Shower Hose S/S Modena Shower Kit Scald Guard Basin Mixer


Not all stockists have the full range so we recommend you call your local hardware store or plumbing supplier before setting off.

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