At FIX-A-TAP, we are deeply committed to the protection and longevity of our natural environment.

Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

As a manufacturing and supplies company, waste and recycling management play a crucial role in our environmental efforts. We have engaged with Australian Packaging Covenant to promote the re-use and recycling of our packaging, striving to conserve valuable resources.

We have achieved Level 3 (Advanced) for all seven core criteria of the APCO Packaging Sustainability Framework. Our specific targets include:

  • Yearly review of new and existing products against Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.
  • Aiming to minimise packaging by 20%.
  • Rolling out recycling logos on all products over three years.
  • On-pack labelling for disposal or recovery, gradually implemented across entire product range.
  • Reduce on-site waste sent to landfill by 20% per year.
  • Reusing 100% of shipping packaging for customer shipments.
our action We prioritise reducing our environmental impact and fostering sustainability.

We have committed as a business to reduce our negative impact on the environment, and are always taking steps forward to improve our sustainability.

As a member of APCO, we are dedicated to integrating packaging sustainability into our policies and processes. We actively explore collaborative initiatives to overcome barriers to waste packaging recovery. Our commitments include reducing packaging weight, exploring the use of recycled and renewable materials, and ensuring recoverability through existing post-consumer systems.


Buy Recycled Policy


In addition, as part of our commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant, FIX-A-TAP® has implemented a Buy Recycled Policy that ensures that FIX-A-TAP® will:

  • Purchase products and materials with recycled content whenever deemed practicable and environmentally beneficial.
  • Substitute existing products and materials with recycled content whenever deemed practicable and environmentally beneficial.
  • Require our contractors and suppliers to be accountable for their products and/or materials that are supplied and to encourage the use of recycled materials.


Australasian Recycling Label and our Packaging Materials


In our commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant, we embrace the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL), an evidence-based labelling system that provides clear recycling information for packaging. It guides consumers on how to properly dispose of each package component. We are dedicated to adding ARL logos to all our packaging as soon as possible.

We have also updated much of our packaging plastics from PVC to PET which is easily recyclable in Australia. We are continuing to work with our manufacturers to see where improvements can be made to make our products and packaging more environmentally friendly.


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