How To Fix a Leaking Tap Bonnet

A tap bonnet covers, secures and protects the valve inside the faucet. It screws onto the body of the tap, helping to prevent leaks by keeping everything sealed and contained. The tap bonnet can be removed, allowing maintenance or repair work access.


This helpful summary considers the typical symptoms and problems of water leaking out from under the flange. It also proposed the best solutions and products to use.

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how to fix a tap
  1. Symptom
    Water leaks from under the tap flange or spindle (under the flange)
  2. Problem
    Body washer or o-ring is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  3. Solution
    Install new body washer and o-ring.
  4. Product
    FIX-A-TAP® body washers and o-rings.

Good news – taps can be easily repaired. Simply turn off the water at the mains, open the handle to a complete ‘on’ position and remove the tap handle. Unscrew and remove the flange, bonnet and spindle. This can be the tricky part as they can be stuck to the benchtop with grease and grime. If unsure, visit our plumbing directory and consult a professional plumber. Don’t use plyers to remove the flange as this will likely damage the finish of your taps. You can easily replace the o-ring and fibre body washer when disassembling the tap. At this point, it’s also a good idea to replace the tap valve. Reassemble, turn the water on at the mains and check for leaks.

Why use FIX-A-TAP® washers & o-rings?

The FIX-A-TAP collection of body washers is suitable for both indoor and outdoor taps. Available in 13mm and 15mm, we have standard body washers for older-style tap spindles and the Ezy Kleen for newer-style tap spindles featuring a narrower body.

We have several sizes of o-rings available for various applications, such as repairing leaking taps and spouts, garden accessories, plumbing and irrigation, and even automotive use. Sizes range from 9.65mm to 40mm, with kits coming in assorted sizes. Our spout o-ring kit suits most showers. Also available are 35mm and 40mm o-rings for mixer cartridges.


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