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Need to fix a leaking or dripping tap? In many cases, it’s as simple as replacing your tap valve.


We have a variety of tap valves suited towards every household situation including for easier turn on and off, for reducing water hammer, worn tap seats, and for those who turn taps off with force. We also have tap repair kits which contain all the parts you need to renew your tap in one easy kit.

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Need to fix a leaking or dripping tap?

Need to fix a leaking or dripping tap? In the majority of cases, all you need to do is to replace the tap valve, otherwise known as a jumper valve. FIX-A-TAP has a variety of tap valves available to suit every household situation.

Unsure which tap valve to choose?


Copper body valves


The Soft Turn tap valve features a rounded washer, which requires less turning force. This makes it great for young children and the elderly. The Delaware tap valve has a heavy duty, long lasting washer is great for everyday use. This is our most popular tap valve with tradies. For those suffering from arthritis, we recommend our Sealtite tap valve with a soft dome shaped profile that makes it easier to turn your taps on and off. Our Duro tap valve features an industrial grade washer, and the Dexine tap valve is our entry level copper valve.

Nylon tap valves


Amongst our nylon valves there is the Leaklock tap valve which features a patented leak free technology ensuring a seal at two points – ideal for worn tap seats. The Premium Nylon tap valve comes with a premium, long-lasting washer and is a great economical option. We also feature tap washers sold separately, as commonly used in New Zealand.

Our valves are all WaterMarked and made to Australian standards.  All FIX-A-TAP tap valves are suitable for use in both hot and cold water. Our copper based tap valves are still proudly made in Australia.

Looking for something else? We also sell a huge range of tap spare parts for all your plumbing needs.


Browse our HOW TO FIX resource, searching for the guides to fix a tap, fix a toilet, fix a shower, Q&As and more.

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