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How to select the right plumber for your job?

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How do I select a trusted plumber?

What is the work that you need to be carried out?

It is essential that you clearly understand the work that needs to be carried out so that you can provide the plumber with a clear job brief as well as any photos or renovation plans. This will ensure there is a good fit between yourself and the plumbing company that you are selecting.

Are they licensed and certified to complete the desired work?

The Plumbing Code of Australia and Australian Standards (AS3500 and 5601) as well as relevant state legislations, advises that all plumbers and gas fitters must be licensed to complete plumbing and gas work. Many individual State Plumbing Associations provide a handy online tool to check whether a plumbers or gas fitters licence is currently active, by providing their name, licence number, trade, or suburb.

Do they have adequate insurance?

Your selected plumber must have public and product liability insurance to ensure that you are covered against any negligence which could result in personal injury or property damage to your home.

Do they provide upfront quotes and guarantees for their work?

Formal quotes to complete the applicable work enables you to clearly understand what work is to be carried out, what it will cost and what is included within the quote such as labour and parts etc. Also check if the plumber provides a guarantee for their work and the products that they use & ensure that you check all terms & conditions on the quotation supplied.

What are the payment arrangements?

Is there an initial call-out fee to inspect the work to be done and is this refundable if the job goes ahead? Does the plumber need to be paid in part or full before the work begins? It is common for some plumbers to require an upfront deposit with the balance to be paid once the job is completed, while others may only require full payment upon completion of the work.

Can they complete the job within your desired timeframe?

It’s important to check availability and to get clear guidelines on expected time frames before signing a contract or agreeing to a job. Some plumbers may be able to expedite a job and to focus on it until completion, others may be juggling multiple clients and may take longer. Parts may need to be sourced and supplied. Whatever your job, ask for a clear time frame as to when you can expect completion.

Do they have online reviews and customer references?

Searching for plumbers on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook as well as online directories or Google can be a helpful way to check a plumbers’ reputation. Recommendations from friends and family are another great way to find a suitable plumber.

Check plumber's licenses in your area

What can you expect to pay for a plumber?

The cost of a plumber can vary depending on the scope of work, the level of urgency, and your location.

We’ve made a list of some of the most common plumbing jobs and associated costs that you are likely to incur.




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