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Indoor Taps

Discover sleek and modern indoor mixer taps for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. We also stock anti-vandal taps for commercial use, mini taps and two-way switch cocks.

Hand Shower Heads & Shower Kits

Easily modernise your shower with a new FIX-A-SHOWER hand shower, kit, or rail, all designed to retrofit with easy installation.


Refresh your bathroom with a complete cistern replacement. From standard traditional cisterns, to smart cisterns with sensor flush technology, we have an option for you.

Appliance Hoses & Spare Parts

Explore our wide selection of inlet and outlet hoses and accessories designed specifically for washing machines and dishwasher appliances.

Tap Valves, Washers & Repair Kits

We have a variety of tap valves suited towards every situation including the Soft Turn, Delaware, Sealtite, Duro, Dexine, Leaklock, Premium Nylon and Nylon tap valves. We also offer separate tap washers (commonly used in NZ).

Shower Repair Parts

Explore our comprehensive range of shower repair parts, including flexible hoses, shower shelves, elbows, fittings, washers, water-saving discs, and spindle extenders.

Cistern Inlet Valves

Suitable for both bottom entry and side entry cisterns, our inlet valves are designed for easy installation and compatibility with popular toilet brands.

Garden Taps

Our range includes garden taps with standard spouts, Tap N Snap taps with built-in hose adaptors and quarter turn taps. We also stock an anti-vandal tap and kero tap.

Hose Spools & Rolls

Includes cut-to-size PVC tubing, reinforced pressure hoses, and options such as dishwasher and washing machine hoses, grey water hoses and marine hoses.

Cistern Outlet Valves

Our cistern outlet valves suit a variety of cisterns. They are available in either a single flush or dual flush.

Mixer Tap Cartridges & Replacement Parts

When mixer cartridges break down, it can cause issues including dripping taps. Explore our range of cartridges, including flat and raised styles in varying sizes.

Cistern Inlet Valve Washers

Discover a wide range of toilet cistern washers at FIX-A-LOO, including headseal washers, ballcock washers and stepped washers.


Explore our diverse selection of O-rings, offering solutions for various applications including tap repairs, garden products, plumbing and irrigation.

Water Connectors

We offer WaterMarked water connectors with polymer or stainless steel braiding, PEX cores, or with water shut off devices to protect your home from floods.

Cistern Outlet Valve Washers

Whether you need a seating washer, or a complete repair kit, our range includes options to fix a leaking toilet.

Tap Spindles

Need to replace a spindle? No matter whether it's for a wall or basin, ceramic or using a tap valve, we have a spindle for you.

Tapes & Sealants

A selection of thread seal tapes, available in a range of lengths and densities, many WaterMarked or AGA approved, plus silicone tapes and liquid sealant.

Other Toilet Repair Parts

From versatile hand sprays, to essential components like cistern plugs, toilet buttons, flush cones, and flush pipes, view our collection of repair parts.

Tap Aerators

Check out our wide range of tap aerators and spout adaptors, including varying flow rates, swivel aerators and useful spout fittings.

Toilet Seats & Toilet Seat Repair Parts

Discover high-quality toilet seats and repair parts, including features such as soft-close, anti-bacterial materials, quick release functionality or anti-vandal properties.

Other Tap Repair Parts

Need tap repair parts? We have washers, spindles, tap seats, water saving discs, spindle extenders and more.

Bath & Sink Plugs

Whether you require a bath, sink, basin or waste disposal plug, we have you covered with our extensive selection of over 25 plugs, sized from 25mm to 60mm.

Drain Cleaning Tools & Chemicals

Our drain cleaning range includes a variety of plungers, drain augers and liquid drain cleaners in both caustic or eco-friendly enzyme solutions.

Sink & Basin Repair Parts

This category contains sink strainers, trap washers, plug and waste washers, sink cover plates, wall cover plates and trouble domes.

Joiners & Reducers

Whether joining PVC pipes or PVC to Earthenware, our comprehensive selection of Joiners and Reducers are designed to provide leakless connections.

Sink Traps & Washers

Explore our comprehensive range of pipe traps and fittings, including S and P trap fittings, caps and linings, double bowl connectors, and trap washers.

Hose Clamps

Our hose clamps are available in either galvanized zinc plated or stainless steel designed to avoid rust and corrosion.


From pipe cutters, tube bending, and flaring tools, to wrenches and basin spanners, or reseaters and refacing tools, we have you covered.


Browse our HOW TO FIX resource, searching for the guides to fix a tap, fix a toilet, fix a shower, Q&As and more.

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