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What issues might I have with plumbing when buying an older house?

In an older house pipes are likely to be the number one feature that is likely to be outdated. Many homes built before the mid-1940s and even until the 1960s used galvanised steel or iron pipes for their water supply. The problem is that over 45-60 years, these pipes can corrode, leaving rust which will reduce the water quality and flow. Some very old homes may still have lead piping which can cause contamination of the water supply, leaving it hazardous for drinking water and common usage. The second issue is root damage, where a large or old tree can cause water problems due to roots growing in the pipes. This can cause frequent blockages or leaks. Other potential issues include roofing or gutter leaks, or problems with the waterproofing around wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Many properties are painted prior to selling which can temporarily mask existing leak issues.


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