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How Can I Find Water Problems Before They Cause Damage?

1) Look for holes or cuts in the concrete around your home. Most likely, these are areas where examinations have been done in the past. This could be one way to track the repair history of your old house to ensure if a problem was already resolved or could potentially re-occur.

2) Pay attention to your water supply. A slight change in water colour may indicate a foreign substance in your pipe. Supply interruption can also indicate developing problems, or a constantly flowing meter could indicate an undetected leak. Noting these will help detect issues early and can also prevent health hazards to you and your loved ones.

3) Note the age of your water system. Hiring a specialist to predict its life expectancy will help you determine when a repair or replacement is most likely to take place. This can also help prevent unexpected damage and expenses due to a catastrophic failure.

4) Replace all hoses throughout your home every 5 years. This can include braided water connectors, dishwasher hoses and washing machine hoses. The problem is that these connectors and hoses are frequently hidden under sinks, or behind toilets or appliances, so spots of rust or discolouration may go unnoticed until they burst, often with disastrous consequences.

5) Hire reliable companies for repairs or renovations. It takes skill to detect small problems before they become big problems. Find a licensed plumber you can trust so you can be confident that every repair or renovation you spend for will last a long time. You can locate a licensed plumber by using the PlumbConnect Plumbers Registry to search for a plumber in your local area.


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