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How can I protect my home from flood damage?

According to a 2019 report by Suncorp Insurance, approximately 17% of all new Suncorp insurance claims are related to water damage, so what is causing these statistics and what can you do to protect your home? Recent data released from insurers such as NRMA, IAG, QBE, and Budget Direct, show that flexible braided hoses that have leaked or split are the number one cause of internal flooding. IAG found that 22% of their flood claims were due to this one cause, and NRMA have estimated that the average claim for escape of water in 2016/2017 was $4,818 (excluding excess and GST), but there have been reports of some claims costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. To avoid these claims, it is recommended that all flexible hoses be replaced every 5 years, regardless of visible wear and tear. FIX-A-TAP have a large range of water connectors to suit most purposes. for more details click here. Another cause of flooding is burst washing machine or dishwasher hoses. Whilst these should also be replaced every 5 years, we have a range of products specifically designed to protect your home, such as the Boston Flood Guard hose or the Boston Burst Alert. These hoses have a dual layer for extra protection, so that if the internal hose does spring a leak, the water will be contained within the external hose, preventing your home from flooding. In addition, the Flood Guard will automatically shut off the water supply if an internal leak is detected. for more information click here. It is still recommended that the water supply to a home should be turned off whilst the occupants are on holidays. Other common causes of flood damage could be from blocked drains or gutters. Remember that toilets are only intended to flush waste and toilet paper – flushing any other items could cause a blockage. Place food scraps and waste in the bin, not down the kitchen drain, and ensure that gutters are regularly cleaned to avoid leaf and debris build-up.


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