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What is a tap reseater?

Taps turn off by pressing a rubber tap valve washer onto a flat piece of metal to stop the water flow. This piece of metal is called a tap seat, and after many years, it can become rough and worn. When this occurs, it may damage new tap valves by causing them to constantly scrape over a rough surface, or it may prevent a seal being formed, leading to a dripping tap. A tap reseater refinishes tap seats to a near new condition by gently grinding down the metal to a smooth finish. Reseating can cause costly issues if done incorrectly. For this reason we have 3 versions – the Handyman Reseater which uses abrasive cutting discs similar to sand paper and is less likely to cause damage; the Tradesman Reseater which uses carbon steel blades to achieve a smoother finish on badly damaged tap seats; and the Premium Reseater which fits onto a cordless drill and should only be used by skilled professionals.



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