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How do I install a standard mixer cartridge?

Each mixer tap is different however here are some ideas on the most popular style. Before you do anything please insert the plug into your basin / sink just in case you drop anything. Turn off your water supply to the house and have a dry rag handy. Behind the Hot and Cold Indicator is a grub screw loosen a little and the handle should lift off. Then you remove the bell housing which will reveal a brass locking nut. Remove this nut and then your old mixer cartridge. Clean the inside ensure that the old cartridge matches your new one and then install your new mixer cartridge and reassemble your tapware. Turn on your water supply and be sure to inspect for leaks. We have a full range of FIX-A-TAP mixer cartridges. We feature photos showing the top and bottom of each of our cartridges to help you determine which valve you should purchase to match your current cartridge. View our how to replace a mixer cartridge installation guide.



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