Toilet Inlet Valve Headseal Washer Replacement Instructions

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Replace the Inlet valve or headseal washer

Replace the Inlet valve headseal

Turn off the water supply and flush the toilet.

FIX-A-LOO® have two inlet valves, so depending on the model, the cap/nut may be screwed onto the top of the valve (A) or on the side of the valve (B)

Type A

With valve type A, pop off the blue top and remove the arm off the float cup adjusting rod. Then twist the arm counter clockwise to remove retaining cap. Replace the inlet valve headseal.

Type B

With valve type B, remove the arm from the float cup adjusting rod by pushing the rod away. Unscrew inlet valve headseal nut and carefully slide it down the arm. You want to leave the arm attached to the retaining cap. Twist and remove retaining cap to replace the inlet valve headseal.

Rinse the valve and the new inlet valve headseal before assembling it.

Servicing an Inlet Valve

  1. Turn off water at cistern tap.
  2. Flush the cistern until water is removed.
  3. Place a bucket underneath in case any water remains.
  4. Remove cistern lid.
  5. Remove inlet valve and water inlet pipe or connector.
  6. Inspect the valve, the headseal washer and the stepped washer.
  7. Replace all worn parts.
  8. Refit inlet valve and water pipe or connector.
  9. Replace lid.
  10. Turn on water and check for leaks.

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