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How to service a valve

Servicing an Inlet Valve

  1. Turn off water at cistern tap.
  2. Flush the cistern until water is removed.
  3. Place a bucket underneath in case any water remains.
  4. Remove cistern lid.
  5. Remove inlet valve and water inlet pipe or connector.
  6. Inspect the valve, the headseal washer and the stepped washer.
  7. Replace all worn parts.
  8. Refit inlet valve and water pipe or connector.
  9. Replace lid.
  10. Turn on water and check for leaks.

Servicing a Flush Valve

  1. Turn off water at mini tap
  2. Flush the cistern
  3. Remove lid (Consult your cistern manufacturer for advice – your cistern lid may remove easily, it may require the button to first be unscrewed, or it may require further steps. On some models, the full flush must be pressed down which allows access to a notch on the side of the half flush. The half flush button is removed with this notch, then the full flush button, and finally the plastic screw holding the lid on can be accessed)
  4. Unscrew backnut and flush pipe nut and remove the outlet valve
  5. Inspect the outlet valve and replace seating washer if required
  6. Ensure new seating washer is lying flat against the outlet valve
  7. Refit flush valve, nuts and cistern lid
  8. Turn on water and check for leaks


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