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How do I install a new toilet seat when I can't access the bolts and can't reach the underside of my toilet pan?

Some modern toilet pans feature a new D shaped design which can streamline the look of your bathroom, and make cleaning easier. Unfortunately part of this involves hiding the bolts which fix your toilet seat. Firstly remove the seat to see how it is fitted. For some seats, they will have a quick release button on the inside of the lid. Frequently the bolt heads are covered with some kind of panel or metal cover which can be easily removed. There are different types of blind fixing kits which will allow you to add a nut to the holes in your pan. The FIX-A-TAP Toilet Seat Blind Fixing Kit fits most pans and has snap off tabs for a clean finish . The other type of blind fixing kit features a rubber ball which can be squashed to fit through the hole, and which then expands to hold the nut tight against the seat. To remove this type, use pliers to pull it back through the hole.


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