Product NO. 231000

Anti-Vandal Indoor Tap Spanner & Nuts

Main Brand FIX-A-TAP
Category Tools
Product Type Tap Handle Tool
Barcode 9312232231000
Pack Type Card

To replace the tap valve on an anti-vandal tap, it is necessary to use an anti-vandal tap spanner. The FIX-A-TAP Spanner and Nuts kit offers a chrome plated anti-vandal spanner and solid brass anti-vandal nuts, which are resistant to corrosion. These components are specifically designed for 13mm anti-vandal indoor taps.

  • Works with FIX-A-TAP anti-vandal taps.
  • Contains a chrome plated anti-vandal spanner and solid brass anti-vandal nuts.
  • Convenient spanner and nuts suitable for 1/2" anti-vandal indoor taps.
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