Product NO. 218308

Close Couple Seal Foam 105 x 12mm

Main Brand FIX-A-LOO
Category Other Toilet Repair Parts
Product Type Close Couple Seal
Size 105mm x 12mm
Barcode 9312232218308
Pack Type Bag

In close couple toilet arrangements, a foam element is essential for establishing a seal between the pan and cistern. These seals can degrade and become compressed over time, particularly when they stay in the same place for an extended period. When you remove the cistern, it’s recommended to replace the foam seal to ensure a secure, leak-free connection. This specific foam seal possesses an outer diameter of 105mm, an inner diameter of 75mm, and a height of 12mm.

  • Replace a foam seal to ensure a leak-free seal.
  • This close couple foam seal is 105mm O.D. 75mm I.D. 12mm height.
  • High quality material for longer lasting solution.
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