You need the right parts before fixing a blocked drain.

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How To Fix Blocked Drains

The right way to unblock a toilet

Using a Plunger

Place the plunger in the toilet
Press firmly multiple times until the blockage has been dislodged
Ensure you disinfect and wash your plunger and toilet

TIP: If you have a blockage, do not keep flushing as you run the risk of overflow resulting in flooding the room.

Using a Drain Auger

  1. Unwind and extend the coil and place into toilet
  2. Feed down the toilet until you feel a resistance
  3. Move the coil in an up and down motion to disseminate blockage.  Once the blockage has been cleared, you will notice a reduction in the water levels.
  4. Remove auger
  5. Ensure you disinfect and wash the auger coil and toilet

If it is a major blockage you may need to consult a plumber.


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