How to Replace a Mixer Tap

Do you have a leaky tap which can’t be fixed?  Read below to find out how to replace your mixer tap.

This guide will be updated over the coming month to include more updates on how other types of kitchen mixer taps and basin mixer taps can be replaced.


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Installing an Avoca Mixer Tap with Quick-Fit Nut

Always check local plumbing laws and regulations before carrying out any plumbing work. FIX-A-TAP recommends using a licensed plumber. Easily use our PlumbConnect Plumbers Registry to find licensed plumbers in your area. 

Turn off the water supply.

For mixer taps, you may have mini taps attached to your water connectors. If this is the case, you can just turn off the mini taps. Make sure you remember to turn off both the hot and cold taps. Take note of which is the hot supply, and which is the cold, as you’ll need to remember this later.

If you don’t have mini taps, you will need to turn the water supply off at the mains. If you’re in a house, the mains are typically located on the street or in the front yard. If you’re in an apartment or townhouse, the mains tap could be in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or even outside your apartment in a common area. Check with your building management to be sure.

Once the water supply has been turned off, turn the mixer tap on full to release any remaining water in the pipe and to ensure that your water supply is correctly turned off.

Put a plug in the basin to prevent parts from falling down the drain.

Place a towel down to protect the area in case of any water leaks or drips, which are common when disassembling plumbing. Then, unscrew the tap hoses from the water supply tap. These should be hand tightened only, but you may need a spanner if they have been fastened particularly well.

Once the water hoses have been disconnected from the water supply taps, the tapware needs to be removed from the basin mounting hole.

Use a screwdriver to undo the nuts and bolts that secure the tapware to the basin. These can be found underneath and behind the sink and can sometimes be difficult to reach. If you’re struggling with access, try removing the hoses by twisting them clockwise to unscrew. This opens up more space below the sink, making this job easier to carry out.

After the bolts have been removed with the screw driver, remove the nut below, along with any other washers.

Gently lift the tap out of the mounting hole. If your hoses are still attached, you may need to pull these through one by one. Clean the general area before placing in any new tapware.

For the installation, insert your new Avoca Mixer tap where the old tap once sat, threading the new hoses down into the mounting hole one by one and below the countertop.

Once the tap is sitting in place, locate the black Quick-Fit nut that comes with Avoca tapware.

Thread the Quick-Fit nut onto the hoses one at a time and screw it firmly onto the threaded base of the tap. Now, it’s time to connect the water hoses to the water supply taps.

Attach the hose with the red flecks to the hot water tap and the one with the blue flecks to the cold-water tap. In Australia, plumbing regulations state that the hot should be on the left, and the cold on the right. Hand tighten the water hoses onto the threads.

After all these steps have been completed, turn on the water, check for leaks, and you’re done! Enjoy your new tapware.


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