• Where would I find my mains water?
      Your mains are usually located close to the front boundary of your property.  
    • How can I save water? Do you have any tips?
      Water is a precious and expensive resource. FIX-A-TAP is committed to developing water saving initiatives to ensure all households can save water and help the environment as well as saving money. It could be as simple as installing a new water saving disc a new aerator or a new outlet valve. See our water saving tips by clicking here
    • What uses the most water in my home?
      While showers and baths use large amounts of water. The toilet typically uses the most water in the home. This is because it is the most frequently used. To keep your water bill low. Always ensure that all toilets are working properly by checking for water leaks.  
    • I have a leaking tap and I would like to know how I can find out how much water I am wasting?
      You can use our Drip Calculator to work out how much water is wasted on a daily monthly or yearly basis in your household. Click here to use our Drip Calculator.
    • Where can I order FIX-A-TAP FIX-A-LOO BOSTON or LINDONI products that are not stocked in my local hardware store? Do you sell products on your website?
      Unfortunately we don't sell direct to the public however most hardware or plumbing stores can order products in for you if they don't currently have the item in stock. You can use the stockist search on our website to search for local retailers of our products. Click here to search our Stockists. 
    • How do I stop my drains smelling bad? I have a bad odour in the bathroom drains and I don't know how to fix it.
      We recommend our Boston Eco Enzyme Drain Cleaner which is used to clean drains and control odours leaving behind a eucalyptus scent. This product is available in a 1L bottle or a 5L bottle ideal for businesses or large homes.  
    • Is there an easy way of finding a qualified trade plumber in my local area?
      Our Plumbers Directory caters for a large number of locations throughout Australia. These listings are provided for your convenience and we recommend you do your own checks prior to engaging service providers listed on the site. Click here to find a plumber. 
    • I heard that you offer a free plumbing directory for licensed plumbers? How can I find out more information?
      We do have an online plumbers directory. Not only is it free but it's a great way to increase your web presence promote your services to our customers and potentially improve your Google search rankings. Click here to join our Plumbers Directory.

    Washing Machine & Dishwashers

    • How do I stop water hammer? My washing machine makes a loud noise when the water cuts in and out and I want to stop the pipes banging. Do you have any products available to solve this problem?
      The first idea would be to try an Anti Hammer Tap Valve. These valves contain springs to prevent the water pressure changing so quickly that it causes a banging sound. Our Hammer Relief Valve works along the same lines (by preventing the water pressure changing so quickly) but it is much stronger and is specifically designed for washing machines and dishwasher taps. If both of these fail to fix the problem we would recommend that you contact a licensed plumber.  
    • I installed two FIX-A-TAP Hammer Relief Valves on my washing machine quite some time ago. Recently I have noticed that water hammer has returned. Do the valves need to be cleaned or maintained in any way?
      It could be that grime has gotten into the valves and are therefore preventing them from functioning correctly. The FIX-A-TAP Hammer Relief Valves are not designed to be cleaned therefore once worn the valves would need replacing. It could also be that the saddles holding your pipes together have come loose and need tightening. If both of these fail please consult a licensed plumber. 
    • The water isn't draining out of my dishwasher. Can I do anything to resolve the problem before calling a plumber?
      One of the most common reasons for a dishwasher to have standing water in it is because food debris has clogged up the drainage system within the appliance itself. It is sometimes possible to fix the issue yourself. Some things you could try are cleaning out the strainer basket or any filters and giving them a good wash under the tap then place them back into the dishwasher. Try checking the pump seal dishwasher door electrical source drain hose and anything else that could be potentially causing a blockage or issue. If none of these work we recommend you contact a licensed plumber.  
    • I would like to install the BOSTON Washing Machine Expanding Drain Outlet Hose (1.1Mtr - 4Mtr) but I don't need the full 4 metres. Should I fully expand the hose?
      Expandable hoses offer the ultimate in convenience in that you only need to expand the hose to the length you need it to accommodate to. Perfect for laundries where space is at a minimum.  
    • I am replacing a filter washer between my dishwasher and the tap. I also need to replace the mesh filter in my washing machine. Which way does the washer go?
      Filter washers are a great way to prevent debris from entering your inlet hoses. The filter washer is best placed facing up so the mesh is facing the tap end. 


    • What is a mixer?
      A mixer tap is a one piece tapware that uses one handle to control the flow of hot and cold water simultaneously usually found in the kitchen and bathroom in more modern homes. It is commonly used in place of the older style taps which had separate handles for both hot and cold taps.  
    • How do I install a standard mixer cartridge?
      Each mixer tap is different however here are some ideas on the most popular style. Before you do anything please insert the plug into your basin / sink just in case you drop anything. Turn off your water supply to the house and have a dry rag handy. Behind the Hot and Cold Indicator is a grub screw loosen a little and the handle should lift off. Then you remove the bell housing which will reveal a brass locking nut. Remove this nut and then your old mixer cartridge. Clean the inside ensure that the old cartridge matches your new one and then install your new mixer cartridge and reassemble your tapware. Turn on your water supply and be sure to inspect for leaks. To view our full range of mixer cartridges click here. We feature photos showing the top and bottom of each of our cartridges to help you determine which valve you should purchase to match your current cartridge. You can also view our handy How To Fix A Tap page which will show you how to replace a mixer cartridge.  


    • How do I know what size washer I need for my tap without taking it apart?
      If your tap is inside it is generally a 13mm washer that you would require. If your tap is outside it could be a variety of sizes. Victoria South Australia Northern Territory and Tasmania generally use 13mm tap valves for their garden taps. In NSW Queensland and ACT there are a mixture of sizes with some taps taking 13mm valves and some taking 15mm valves. View our full list of tap valves to work out which style of valve is right for you. 
    • I have a leaking shower I have replaced the washers used a tap reseating tool. I have installed a stop cock between the taps and the shower head but it still leaks.
      What you have tried is the normal rectification for a leaking shower. It is possible that the seats could be completely worn. As you mentioned that you have already used a reseating tool and it is still leaking we recommend you call a licensed plumber to help resolve the issue.  
    • I have just replaced the valves in my shower taps with FIX-A-TAP Leaklock Tap Valves. If I open the hot tap to a certain point I get a very loud high-pitched scream coming from the tap.
      Once you replace a valve it can take up to 2 weeks for them to settle in. As the rubber is quite tough it needs a little while to get worn in and become soft. If the issue has not ceased within a month we recommend you contact a licensed plumber. Use our Plumbers Registry to find one in your area. 
    • How do I remove a stuck flange from the shower wall tap?
      It could be that your thread could have a calcium build up. You may like to try WD40 and spray it around the flange leave it for a little while and try again. If that doesn't work then we recommend trying our FIX-A-TAP Multipurpose Strap Wrench otherwise try multi grips. 
    • I have a shower hot water tap that you can keep turning but the water doesn't turn on?
      Unfortunately your question requires a licenced plumber to be contacted. Use our Plumbers Registry to find a plumber in your area. 
    • I recently bought new ceramic taps for the shower and bath. It seems that the length of the ceramic does not reach the seat of the old breech where the washer normally sits.
      What you need is a ceramic spindle extender. If you go to your nearest hardware or plumbing store they should be able to help you. Find a local stockist using our directory.
    • I have a bath spout that has corroded in the thread and I cannot remove it.
      Unfortunately your question requires a Licensed Plumber to be contacted. Use our Plumbers Registry to find one in your area. 
    • I just retiled my bathroom and the spindles are now too short to put the old tap handles back on. Is there an attachment I can put on the spindle to stick out from the wall further?
      There is a product called a FIX-A-TAP Spindle Bonnet Extender designed for extending wall spindles for proper tapware installation. It's made from a durable plastic material and can be cut to your required size. This product can be found at most hardware or plumbing stores or you can ask your local store to order one in for you. 
    • When I turn the taps off how can I stop the pipes banging loudly under the house?
      The first idea would be to try an  Anti Hammer Tap Valve. These valves contain springs to prevent the water pressure changing so quickly that it causes a banging sound. Our FIX-A-TAP Hammer Relief Valve works along the same lines (by preventing the water pressure changing so quickly) but it is much stronger and is specifically designed for washing machines and dishwasher taps . If both of these fail to fix the problem we would recommend that you contact a licensed plumber.
    • I want to replace my kitchen taps with new ones. Can I just unscrew the old taps and replace with a newer version?
      If you have purchased new taps they should come with instructions as to how to install them. In most states tapware is required to be installed by a licensed plumber therefore if you install it yourself you may void the warranty.  
    • There is no water coming out of my kitchen tap mixer?
      Is there water access to the rest of your taps? If not it could be that the water is turned off to the entire property or that the Waterboard is carrying out maintenance works. If it is just the one tap we recommend checking to see if the tap has as a separate water supply such as a mini tap. If you are unable to determine if this is the case you may have to contact a licensed plumber. Use our Plumbers Registry to find one in your area. 
    • My tap bonnet is very damaged. How can I undo it if the bottom is completely worn and the spanner does not lock on?
      Unfortunately your question requires a Licensed Plumber to be contacted. Use our Plumbers Registry to find one in your area. 
    • What is the best way to unscrew a tap flange which is tight and hard to remove?
      There are a couple of things. You may wish to try spraying WD40 inside the thread however it may not have a large impact as you might not be able to spray the product in far enough. We also recommend you try placing a cloth around the flange and try and undo it with a FIX-A-TAP Multipurpose Strap Wrench. Simple to use and designed to grip loosen or tighten almost anything. 
    • Do your FIX-A-TAP Spindle Bonnet Extenders support ceramic valve taps?
      No unfortunately our FIX-A-TAP Spindle Bonnet Extenders do not support ceramic valve taps. We recommend you try your local hardware or plumbing store and ask for a Ceramic Spindle Extender.  
    • I had my vanity basin replaced however the aerator spray itself has come out of the aerator. I am finding it hard to remove the aerator base. Are all aerators removable?
      Yes all aerators can be removed from the spout by unscrewing them. It can be difficult unscrewing them which is what you appear to be finding. I recommend that you wrap a soft cloth around the aerator and use a small shifting spanner to rotate the aerator in an anti-clockwise direction.  
    • There is a leak running down from the pipe under the basin sink where the cold tap is what could be the cause?
      It could be that the Fibre Body Washer is no longer sealing. We recommend you replace the fibre body washers with theFIX-A-TAP Fibre Body Washer which comes in both 13mm & 15mm sizes. They are designed to suit both hot and cold water taps. If that doesn't work then we suggest you call a licensed plumber as there could be a hairline fracture in the sink. Use our Plumbers Registry to find one in your area. 
    • The FIX-A-TAP Reseating Kit 'A' - Push In will not push fully into the original brass seat on an old tap. Are there two hole sizes for the old and the new?
      It is possible that it will not push fully in considering it is an older tap or you may have a shallow depth seating area causing the issue. Our FIX-A-TAP Reseating Kits are only available in 13mm sizes.  
    • What is the difference between your FIX-A-TAP Premium Nylon Tap Valves and your FIX-A-TAP copper tap valves?
      We provide a range of tap valves with the base made out of either 100% copper or nylon. The brass tap valves are of a higher quality material and they do wear better over time. To see out what type of washer will work best for you please review our tap valves page to see what different types of washers are available. 
    • I used the FIX-A-TAP Tap Seats inserts pressed too hard and the rubber o-rings bulged out the sides. How do I remove them?
      If you installed the screw in tap seats they can be removed using the hex key to unscrew them. If the installation was of the push in seats they can become jammed in. The best way to get them out is with a large size screw extractor or possibly by using a Dynabolt that goes through the centre of the push in seat. Be sure not to drop the Dynabolt through the tap seat tighten the nut so that the other end grows larger under the seat. Use pliers to pull both the bolt and the tap seat out.  
    • I have a dripping tap. I've replaced the washer and swapped the spindles over between the hot tap and the cold tap however it is still dripping.
      The problem could be with your tap seats (ie the metal part of your tap that creates a seal with the tap valve). You could try a product such as our Handyman Tap Reseater which will gently grind the metal to a more smooth surface. If this does not work you may have to contact a licensed plumber for a more thorough tap reseating (or to investigate if another problem is causing the issue). We recommend that our other tap reseating tools should only be used by professionals due to the damage that can be caused if they are used incorrectly.
    • I have had new tiles installed and they are thinner than old ones. My old taps do not have enough thread left in the flanges to screw far enough onto the tile surface.
      We recommend you try our FIX-A-TAP Trouble Domes Wall Flange Extensions designed for walls vanities cupboards and showers. The height is approximately 17mm. 
    • I have a leaking tap and I would like to learn how to fix it myself. Do you have any instructions on how I could learn?
      We have a How To Fix section located on our website here you can see our guides to fix a tap fix a shower fix a loo Q&A's and much more. You can view our How to Fix A Tap Video Tutorial on our website by clicking here . Please note that it is currently illegal to change a tap valve in Western Australia without using a licensed plumber
    • What is the common assembly of a standard shower tap?
      The standard diagram of a shower tap can be viewed by clicking here 

    Sinks & Basins

    • I purchased your FIX-A-TAP Product Sink Cover Plate Deluxe. Should it be installed with the large rubber washer above or below the sink?
      The washer should be placed above the sink to create the seal.  
    • There is a leak under our kitchen sink where the plug hole meets the connection that goes on to the waste pipe. How can I stop the leak?
      The problem could be that your trap washer needs replacing. We have a FIX-A-TAP Trap Washer Kit available in 3 sizes 32mm 38mm and 50mm. If that is unsuccessful please contact a licensed plumber.
    • I am replacing the sink basket wastes in the kitchen. Should I use plumbers putty to seat the waste or use the thin rubber gasket provided?
      We recommend that you use the rubber gasket provided.  
    • Can you tell me how to seal the waste drain in my porcelain vanity basin. It won't hold water so I assume that it's leaking around the waste flange.
      It sounds like the waste washer needs to be replaced. We recommend you using our BOSTON Assorted Waste Washer Kit. This assorted kit includes an array of different washers to suit most wastes. 


    • How does a toilet work?
      For most modern toilets there are two main components: an inlet valve and an outlet (or flush) valve. You can easily open the lid to your cistern (ie the outer casing) to see how they work in practice. When you push the flush button the outlet valve lifts up a rubber seal at the bottom (called a seating washer). This causes water to run out from the cistern into the bowl of your toilet pan to 'flush' the waste down into the sewers. When the water level drops it lowers a float on the inlet valve. The inlet valve will then open to bring new water into the tank until the level of the water raises the float enough to shut off the valve.  
    • How can I unclog a toilet?
      A clogged toilet is probably one of the most common toilet problems you'll encounter but in most cases there is no reason to call a plumber. A specialised toilet plunger with an internal cup or flange will handle most clogs. Try the BOSTON EZY Plunger designed for clearing blocked sinks basins toilets and floor wastes. Stubborn clogs may require a special drain snake tool called a closet auger or toilet auger. You can also view the BOSTON Drain Auger on our website by clicking here
    • What is the most hygienic toilet seat?
      We recommend the Lindoni Deluxe Toilet Seat which features a one push quick release button designed for easy cleaning and an antibacterial surface for maximum hygiene.   
    • What features and benefits should I look for when buying a new toilet seat?
      There are many features and benefits to look for when choosing your new toilet seat such as: fit, soft closing, quick release for easy cleaning, bidets for added hygiene, raised seats for extra support, anti-vandal seats for commercial use, family seats for toddler training, blind fixing for close coupled pans. Click here to view our range and see what toilet seat suits your needs. 
    • When is it time for a new toilet seat?
      If your toilet seat is cracked discoloured ill-fittings or broken it is time for a new toilet seat. Click here to view our range and see which toilet seat suits your needs
    • How do I measure my pan for a new toilet seat?
      If you have a D Shaped or Oval Shaped pan there are three easy steps to measuring for a new toilet seat. 1: Take off your existing toilet seat. Measure the space between the holes (closest to your cistern) measure from the centre of the left hole to the centre of the right hole. 2: Measure the width of the pan (from the widest part in the middle of the pan). 3: Measure the length from the centre of one of the holes closest to your cistern all the way to the very edge or front of your pan.  
    • How do I decrease the pressure of a flush? My toilet uses too much water.

      Depending on your brand of toilet you can do this many ways. You can reduce the amount of water you let in via your inlet valve by decreasing the height of the float. If you have an old outlet valve you can replace it with a new valve which contains a full flush and a half flush. Finally with many outlet valves you can adjust the amount of water which is let out. Please contact the manufacturer to see if your valve can be adjusted.  

    • Having installed a new valve. How do I adjust the water level in the bowl? I need more water to ensure a full flush.
      Depending on your model you can adjust the height of the inlet valve to reduce or increase the amount of water in your cistern. Many new outlet valves also allow a level of control to the flow rate. It is best that you refer to your installation manual.  
    • How can I fix a leaking toilet? I would like to learn how to do it myself.
      We recommend you view our video tutorial on How to fix a leaking toilet. Please be aware that in Western Australia all plumbing work must be completed by a licensed plumber.

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