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FIX-A-TAP® covers a wide range of tap maintenance products for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, garden and outdoor plumbing needs. We have repair parts for taps, spouts, sinks, basins, showers, washing machines, dishwashers and many more.

Tap Valves

Need to fix a leaking or dripping tap? We have a variety of tap valves suited towards every household situation including for easier turn on and off, for reducing water hammer, and for hot and cold water. All our jumper valves are watermarked and made to Australian standards. Our collection of tap values includes: Soft Turn, Delaware, Sealtite, Duro, Dexine, Leaklock, Premium Nylon and Nylon.

Tap Washers

Our tap replacement tap washers include Duro, our trade quality tap washer; and Dexine, our tap washer for general use.

Tap Valve Repair Kits

Our tap repair kits provide you with all of the parts you need to repair your leaky tap including tap valves, body washers, o-rings, lubricant and threadseal tape. The kits are available in the following tap valves: Soft Turn, Delaware, Duro, Premium Nylon, Nylon, Leaklock and Anti Hammer.

Worn tap seat? Restore old tap seats into new condition with the tap reseating kit, available in either a push in or screw in installation. We also stock a tap handle and spout repair kit, designed for most brands of anti vandal taps.

Mixer Tap Cartridges

Dripping mixer taps can be easily fixed by replacing the leaking mixer cartridge. Replacement options include flat and raised, and water saving. Our mixer tap cartridges suit most mixer tapware brands such as Dorf, Caroma, Stylus, Hansa, Irwell, Raymor, and many others.


We have several o-ring sizes available for a variety of different applications such as repairing leaking taps and spouts, to garden accessories, plumbing and irrigation. Sizes range from 9.65mm to 40mm. Kits come in assorted sizes. Our spout o-ring kit suits most showers. Also available are 35mm and 40mm o-rings for mixer cartridges.

Body Washers

Our collection of body washers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor taps. We have standard body washers for older style tap spindles as well as the Ezy Kleen for newer style tap spindles that have a narrower body.


Our waterproof lubricant is a premium quality lubricant designed for a variety of uses such as lubricating stiff tap handles, tap bonnet, spindle threads, hinges, locks and handles, sliding door and window runners, garden sprinklers and much more.

Spout Fittings

We have a variety of aerators and spout adaptors designed to reduce water flow from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry taps. 

Our spout fittings range includes WELS rated aerators, Swivel Aerators featuring a tiltable panel to control your water angle, and our spout fittings that connect hand showers and male to male adaptors to fit aerators.

Shower Fittings

Our shower fittings range includes washers, water saving discs, spindle extenders and various accessories suitable for most shower tapware brands including Dorf, Caroma, Stylus, Flexispray, Methven, Brasshards and many others.

Taps, Fittings and Accessories

Keep losing your hose adaptor? Never replace your garden hose fittings again with the Australian designed Tap N Snap All in One garden tap that allows for quick connect and disconnect of your garden hose. The Tap N Snap also comes in a vandal proof version with a removable handle. 

Other garden products include our premium brass garden tap, as well as washers and accessories for garden taps and sprinklers.

Washing Machine and Dishwasher Fittings

Our washing machine and dishwasher repair parts suit most leading brands including Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, Samsung, LG, Simpson, Euromaid, AEG, SMEG, Dishlex and more. Our repair parts include filter washers, washing machine conversion kits, repair kits, service kits, dishwashing adaptors and also the hammer relief valve that reduces water hammer caused by vibrating or shuddering pipes.

Sink and Basin Fittings

Our sink and basin fittings include assorted basin washers suiting various sink brands including Clark, Franke, and Oliveri. Our cover plates suit a variety of sinks and basins and our tap trouble domes are great for walls, vanities, cupboards and showers. We also have a variety of trap washers and sink strainers. 

Need to seal pipe threads? Try our heavy duty thread seal tape, ideal for sealing pipe threads on brass and steel fittings.

Hose Clamps

Our hose clamps are available in either galvanized zinc plated or stainless steel designed to avoid rust and corrosion. The hose clamps can be used for a variety of plumbing, garden and marine applications. 


We have a comprehensive range of plumbing tools to help fix your bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing issues. This category includes pipe cutters, wrenches for tightening and loosening pipes, tube bending tools and tap reseaters for restoring taps seats. Our Handyman and Trade plumbing kits contain all the tools you need to fix those leaking taps and showers.

Pipe Fittings

Our pipe fittings range includes S & P Trap Fittings, ideal for new or replacement trap installations. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit various installation requirements.

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