BOSTON - Washing Machine & Dishwasher Hoses, Fittings, Connectors and More

We offer an extensive assortment of hose maintenance products including washing machine & dishwasher hoses and accessories, shower hoses and fittings, drain cleaning tools, thread sealing products and household products.

Washing Machine & Dishwasher Hoses

Our washing machine & dishwasher hoses are high quality, with a 5 year product warranty and suit most major appliance brands including Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Panasonic, Kelvinator, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Miele, IAG, Simpson, and Panasonic.  We have a large range of inlet hoses, from stainless steel, to high quality PVC, to dual layer hoses which have been specially designed to prevent flooding from unexpected bursts. Protect your home and replace your old hose today. 

Washing Machine & Dishwasher Fittings

The BOSTON Washing Machine Y Adaptor allows two washing machine hoses to connect to one tap. Suitable for most taps and inlet hoses, this adaptor suits hot and cold-water taps and has been type tested.

Hose Spools and Rolls

Our selection of quality hose and tubing is ideal for a variety of applications including food and drinking water, general purpose pressure hose designed for air and water, washing machine and dishwasher tubing and grey water tubing.

Outdoor Hoses And Accessories

Our outdoor hoses consists of the Marine & outdoor hose. The hose has a reinforced core that allows for continuous water flow. It is ideal for boats and caravans and is drinking water safe.

Also available is the adaptor kit that allows you to attach the marine hose to any garden tap.

Tapes & Sealants

Create a firm seal with our large range of thread seal tape, silicone tape and sealant. 

Our plumbers thread seal tape is made from the highest quality PTFE, and is available in different lengths and density. 

Our tapes and sealants range includes water thread seal tapes, yellow gas thread seal tapes which have been approved by the AGA. We also have water and gas tape as well as liquid sealant designed to seal water and gas pipe threads. If you have a random leak in your pipes, try self-adhering silicone tape, perfect for stopping annoying drips under the sink or with ill-fitting pipes. 

Water Connectors

Our BOSTON water connectors are Watermarked to Australian standards suiting cisterns, bidets, vanities, basins, sinks, water filters, hot water heaters, spa baths and even coffee machines. 


Need a plug for your sink or basin? Look no further as we have over 25 plugs sized from 25mm to 60mm that suit caravans, sinks, baths, laundry tubs and more. Our range consists of rubber and PVC plugs, brass/chrome plated plugs and waste disposal plugs.

Drain Cleaning Tools & Chemicals

Blocked drain in your home? Our drain cleaning tools are designed to easily remove blockages from your kitchen, laundry and vanity wastes. Our range consists of a variety of plungers, drain augers and pipe and sink cleaners.

Also part of the range is the locally made Drain Away and Drain Refresh chemicals targeted at eliminating blockages and maintaining drains.

Sink Repair Parts

Our sink repair parts range consists of sink basket wastes, standard wastes, sink plugs and various other accessories that suit a variety of sink brands including Clarke, Franke, Abey, Oliveri, Blanco, Mizu, AFA sinks.

Joiners & Reducers

Joiners & Reducers


Our household collection includes standard and jumbo size door wedges and door stops.

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